This weekend’s fun at the Blue Frog

10/29/2022 Tried the newly open wine making class with Tonii Turner aka Vino’s Chick at her Daholenga Winemaking Studio!! I made an apple pie wine and Jason made a Black Cherry wine. I can’t wait for it to be ready to bottle!! Spoiler alert…Christmas gifts in the making!! Word of warning AS SOON as you get home..and you should go straight home, get the airlock on your jug or you will see an explosion that will make Ole Faithful proud!! If you can’t get home within an hour or so bring a cooler to put it in and get that air lock on there!!! Good thing is that the house now smells like apple pie!! UPDATE 10.31.2022 – Tonii emailed us this morning that she is changing her class to send wine students home with their mixed wine and yeast packet to mix the yeast and add the airlock when they are safely at home. Now that is being proactive!

Fall is here!

What a beautful time of year to be in Dahlonega! The river was calling so we took advantage of the open weekend!

Hawk flew into the slidding glass window on the carport.
He was a bit stunned but after sitting for a minute he seemed fine and flew off.