The Blue Frog is surrounded by beautiful Dahlonega wineries, tasting rooms, and wine bars. Below you’ll find them listed by distance with an approximation of travel times by car.


Cavender Creek Vineyards4.1 Miles~8 Minutes
Dahlonega Resort & Vineyard6.9 Miles~13 Minutes
Etowah Meadery & The Dahlonega Brewery & Three Rangers Brewing Co.7.7 Miles~12 Minutes
Three Sisters Vineyard & Winery7.9 Miles~14 Minutes
Kaya Vineyard & Winery8.1 Miles~13 Minutes
Frogtown Winery9.1 Miles~14 Minutes
Accent Cellars (close to downtown)9.1 Miles~16 Minutes
Wolf Mountain Vineyards10 Miles~16 Minutes
Tesnatee River Winery and Meadery11 Miles~17 Minutes
The Cottage Vineyard & Winery11 Miles~20 Minutes
Montaluce Winery & Restaurant13 Miles~27 Minutes
CeNita Vineyard, Winery & Tasting Room15 Miles~24 Minutes
Yonah Mountain Vineyards17 Miles~26 Minutes
Habersham Winery in Helen19 Miles~27 Minutes
Serenity Cellars in Cleveland19 Miles~29 Minutes
Sweet Acre Farms Winery20 Miles~30 Minutes

Tasting Rooms and Wine Bars

Dahlonega Tasting Room7 Miles~14 Minutes
Dahlonega Square Hotel7.2 Miles~14 Minutes

Don’t want to drive?

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Having been blessed with the opportunity to spend some time at a number of the local wineries, we have developed some preferences along two primary areas – the quality of the wines and the general ambiance and accessibility/availability. By far our favorite winery is Frogtown – and this has nothing to do with our affinity for amphibians. It is a true estate winery and they make excellent wines and it is an absolutely beautiful place to visit and hang out. We are members of the Citizens wine club and can’t recommend it enough. There are two other wineries flanking Frogtown – Kaya and Three Sisters – which also have beautiful views and you can find some good wines also. Tesnatee River Winery and  Meadery is an old school farm winery and meadery that offers some really good mead (wine made from honey instead of grapes) and honey varietals that we really enjoy. Nothing too fancy but totally worth stopping in. Etowah Meadery also has a nice venue and an adjacent axe throwing facility!  Wolf Mountain Vineyards understands the craft of making excellent wine. Their hours of operation not so great – check before you make the trip.  Accent Cellars also makes some really good wine and they are really close to downtown Dahlonega. They are “just” a winery and not a vineyard – they truck in their grapes and make the wine on site.  Helpful hint: if the restaurants on the square are crowded and seating time is over 20 minutes, place a to go order and bring your food to Accent Cellars (totally allowed) and buy a bottle of wine and picnic by the creek – especially in the fall.  Cavender Creek Winery is the closest Winery to the Blue Frog and tends to have the longest hours the most days of the week with lots of entertainment, farm animals, great outdoor seating, and a playground for kids. Great last stop on the way home.