Frequently Asked Questions by guests answered by the hosts to help make your stay at the Blue Frog more enjoyable!

Q:      We may have three or four couples staying in Dahlonega together, how does your pricing compare to local hotels?

A:      We average about $750 per night before the $300 cleaning fee (when you see the house, you will understand why it costs that much) and state and local “hotel” taxes.  On, you can choose “book now” and see the complete breakdown for the number of nights you are looking to book on your dates.  For a typical 3-night stay, for 3 couples, you would be paying approximately $325 total per couple. Split 4 ways, that is only $245 per couple. The Holiday Inn Express downtown Dahlonega averages between $200 and $250 per night for just one room with one or two beds.  Other hotels with various distances from downtown are $125 and up a room. But comparing The Blue Frog to a hotel room is not even apples to oranges – it is barely fruit to furniture.

Q:      Is it really fair to split the cost 3 ways or 4 ways when we are all in nice rooms with king-sized beds, but only one couple gets the amazing penthouse master bedroom suite?

A:      “Fairness” is in the eye of the beholder and that is between you and your friends.  We like to make the “masters” pay for a few extra dinners, groceries, or winery tours to make it even…….

Q:      Where is the nearest grocery store?

A:      The Walmart Supercenter on the way to downtown Dahlonega (270 Walmart Way, Dahlonega, GA 30533) is the closest “grocery store”.  There are chain grocery stores in Gainesville and Dawsonville if you are coming in from Atlanta (or anywhere south of Dahlonega), but they are 30 minutes from The Blue Frog.  We usually get everything we need from Tomato House Farms (22 Stephens Cir, Murrayville, GA 30564, which is a little over five minutes from The Blue Frog.  More like a big “country store” than a “grocery store”, but they have meat and dairy and most staples – and more preserves and sauces than you could ever try. The deli also makes good sandwiches.

Q:      How often do you change the water filters on the refrigerators and the kitchen island sink and should I just bring bottled water? 

A:      We change all the filters on the same three-month schedule and the filtered water is pretty good. We prefer to refill reusable water bottles and avoid the plastic, but it just depends on your own preferences.

Q:      I can’t believe you offer Keurig coffees, hot chocolates, and teas! Are you going to charge me extra for using those?

A:      No, we provide those as a luxury convenience for our guests. There is also a regular coffee pot and bean grinder in the Penthouse kitchen. We typically make a full pot (or two) in the morning and use the Keurig downstairs for our non-morning beverages.

Q:      Where do you keep the backup supply of Mini Moos when I run out?

A:      Sorry, we do not provide a backup supply. The Mini Moos are there for your convenience in case you can’t get to the store your first morning or run out of your own half and half. Half and half can be purchased in whatever quantity you need at Tomato House Farms or Walmart.

Q:      Same question re toilet paper, charcoal, soap and shampoo?

A:      Same answer. These items are provided as a convenience and there should be plenty for your stay, but if you run out, please buy what you need. You can imagine what happened to our toilet paper supply during the pandemic!

Q:      Why are there warning signs about snakes everywhere? Have you had a Raiders of the Lost Ark incident or something?

A:      No, but we found a (harmless and very beneficial) King Snake (that eats other bad snakes) on our middle/second floor balcony once and it made us realize that you can never let your guard down and have to look before you step wherever you are. Just sharing the benefit of our experience.

Q:      This coffee bean grinder seems complicated, what do all the buttons do?

A:      Not sure when they started manufacturing hi-tech bean grinders, but it is easy once you get the hang of it. The dishwasher safe bean grinder part on top can be easily removed for both pouring grounds and washing. Use the buttons to select the number of cups desired (determines amount of time the blade whirls), and use the medium grind setting unless you are using something else on purpose and know what you are doing.

Q:      I saw the Cards Against Disney on the fireplace mantle with all the other Cards Against Humanity expansion packs, are they okay for kids?

A:      Pull any card and you will know it is not appropriate for children. Please do not let your kids play this game. All of the “Cards Against ______” are up on the mantle for a reason – to be out of the reach of children. BTW, it is a super fun game for adults. If you can’t find the directions, just Google it.

Q:      My remote does not work with my TV, WTF? 

A:      Most likely, the remote got switched with the remote from another room. They are programmed to only work with one TV.

Q:      I see you provide tubes, what am I supposed to do with them?

A:      DO NOT just get in and float down the river. You will wind up in Lake Lanier in a few hours with no ride back. We prefer to tie to one of the anchors and just float in the middle (apply sunscreen first and don’t forget your beverage of choice). PLEASE don’t forget to bring the anchor and rope back in with you….. If you want to take a trip, best to spend $5 at one of the local outfitters.

Q:      There are several locked doors inside the house, what’s behind the mystery doors?

A:      We have a basement where we store supplies such as linens, towels, power tools, etc. that is off limits to guests. There are also a couple of closets the owners use for personal storage. There is no gateway to Narnia being kept from you, we promise!

Q:      I’ve never used a Big Green Egg or used hardwood charcoal without lighter fluid, what do I do?

A:      There is a separate instruction sheet for the Big Green Egg that provides detailed instructions for beginners – you can also access it on this website here (). Please refer to it.

Q:      Why does the Blue Frog spell “ribbit” incorrectly with two t’s?

A:      Okay, lighten up, this is not a spelling bee! Frogs are just bad at spelling. We had to have 8 characters for the password and that seemed to be the best option at the time……

Q:      Why is this place called “The Blue Frog”?

A:      The original owner who built the house was a huge fan of frogs in general and blue frogs in particular. When she passed, her son inherited the house and named it “The Blue Frog” in honor of his mother.  When the current owners bought the place, they kept the name (btw, the name has nothing to do with the somewhat disturbing children’s book titled “The Blue Frogs” that is tucked in with the cookbooks in the kitchen…..). In nature, blue frogs are poisonous and miss out on a lot since the female’s eggs are fertilized externally by the male.